What ever happened to building trust, credibility, likeability, relevance?

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Do you really think you have to trick someone to get their business? Hmmm. What happened to building trust, credibility, likability, relevance? – Thomas Mangum, via Twitter (@thomasmangum).

I found the sentence above  in a Twitter post that I think nailed it.  I think his short post goes to the heart of creating long term relationships with your customers.

Customers today have almost infinite choices.  Don’t believe this is true?  One of our product lines is flooring. Type  “flooring” into a Google search box and you will find over 42 million pages on this topic alone.

The Internet and speed of communication has changed the way people look for products and services. They are being bombarded by messages all the time, and companies are desperate to get a piece of their attention.  All too often this results in a company trying to trick a potential customer in hopes of making a quick sale.

What is the result? For me, I know the answer – I tune out.   Even in the unlikely event that I bought a product or service where I was tricked, would I come back? The answer is obviously no.

This, in my opinion, is no way to build a thriving business.

The beauty in trust, credibility, likability and relevance is that because so few companies really practice it.  Companies that do  rise above the noise and get noticed.  They create engaged fans of the business and those fans help the business grow faster by telling other people.

In the past a customer might have told 10 people about a good or bad relationship with a company. Today, with all the available technologies like Facebook, Twitter and through user reviews, that same customer might tell 10,000 people about their relationship with a company.

This  is either:  Powerful? or Frightening?

Powerful – For companies that embrace the world today, who are transparent, trustworthy, and committed to being the absolute best in the eyes of their customers.

Frightening – For all the other companies.


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