We’re a product of the challenges we face in life – John Chambers

10 years ago, Posted in Leadership, Point of View

I love this interview with John Chambers, Chairman and CEO of Cisco systems. I think it is a timely and relevant interview for what many business leaders (especially in the construction sector) may be facing today.  Many business models that worked perfectly for years, have changed almost overnight creating both chaos and opportunity.

“People think of us as a product of our successes. I’d actually argue that we’re a product of the challenges we faced in life. And how we handled those challenges probably had more to do with what we accomplish in life.”  

I couldn’t agree more.  Are you committed to overcome your challenges? If you believe you will find a way, you most certainly will.

“I’m a command-and-control person.  I like being able to say turn right, and we truly have 67,000 people turn right.  But that’s the style of the past.  Today’s world requires a different leadership style – more collaboration and teamwork, including using Web 2.0 technologies.  If you had told me I’d be video blogging and blogging, I would have said, no way.  And yet our 20-somethings in the  company really pushed me to use that more.”

Web 2.0 technologies including social media, collaboration, crowd-sourcing, are all major trends that have given advantages to those  thought leaders who listen, learn and engage with their employees, customers and community.

Thanks to Verne Harnish and his blog for pointing out this article.


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