The secret of possibility thinking

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In a construction market as difficult as the current market, it is easy to either 1) wait until the market gets better, or worse 2) lose hope. Most of  my peers say they are working harder, and seeing less as a result of their efforts.  What makes matters worse is that despite calls of “green shoots” and an impending recovery, there is too much evidence that construction spending will not really come back until consumer spending recovers.

When will that be: probably not anytime soon.

1. Too many foreclosures are still coming,

2 Credit is still contracting,

3. Spending is collapsing and

4. Unemployment is too high.

We see this type of news everyday and it effects our psychology Our teams hear what they can’t do and it effects them as well. We get lulled into a position where we say….we can’t do it because of the current climate or we’ll put that off until times are better.

There is always an opportunity. I repeat….ALWAYS! Recessions create more of them. It is the bold who seeks them out and moves resources to exploit these opportunities. Years from now, those people will look back at our current times as the catalyst to their success.

If there are always opportunities:

1. How do you find them – Start with looking at what problems get worse in a recession? I know at the very least people need to save money. They need more value. Bringing more value to your customers then, seems to be a good way to win.

2. How do you exploit them? – Resources are constrained everywhere. Little time, little money and not enough people to do the work.  Often in a market like this, our minds close. We assume some things cannot be done. What is needed is exact opposite…an open and creative mind. Instead of assuming that something can’t be done, if it is really important, try asking. How can we do it?

I recently challenged my team with this very question. It is amazing how it moved the conversation forward. As soon as their minds opened to “possibility thinking” or “how could we do this project”, we had all  the energy and creativity we could ask for and a great solution was presented.

This may not seem like a big deal but this idea moves our company faster than we previously thought possible. This idea allows us to use the current climate as an advantage to quickly extend our promise of saving money on quality building products.

In other words, you might want to keep checking back at what’s going on at BuildDirect. You may be pleasantly surprised.


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