The power of forum

10 years ago, Posted in Leadership, Point of View

I spent the day yesterday with a number of my forum members from the Young President’s Organization (YPO).  They continue to make such a profound impact on me and my business.  I have been a member for about 6 years and I still can’t believe how much I learn and grow from this group of people. The idea of YPO is to exchange ideas, pursue learning, and share strategies to achieve personal growth and professional success.

The organization is then broken down into groups of 7-10 people called a forum where I feel the real learning happens.  The forum is designed to create a safe place for members to open up and share deeper learning.

When I was originally asked to join, I have to admit that I didn’t think it was for me. Although I liked the thought of peer learning, I didn’t know how safe I would feel in baring my soul to some of the top business leaders around.  I don’t know if it was that I thought I might not measure up or that my challenges were different, but I remember making  excuses that it would be difficult to commit the time.

I’m sure glad I did. What I found is, that forum is like anything in life, the more you put into something the more you get out.  The time I spend with this group is some of the best time I spend each month.  There is rarely a time, where I don’t learn something that makes a positive difference to my company, myself, or my family.


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