Our Logistics Network Doors Are Open: Introducing the BuildDirect Gateway

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The business of how parcels get from point A to point B is suddenly in the tech spotlight thanks to the advent and explosive growth of ecommerce. With Amazon’s valuation now surpassing Walmart’s, the transition from shopping by car to shopping by computer is well underway, and it only stands to accelerate in the years ahead. Innovation in this area is advancing quickly but what about a home delivery solution for the heavier items like a fridge or flooring? It won’t be long until consumers expect 1,500 pounds of decking to arrive the following day.

Every day BuildDirect moves countless tons of flooring, siding, furnishings and more from around the world, to warehouses and then to buyers’ front doors. This process, although challenging to develop, has been honed and rigorously refined over years of managing imports and exports across 35+ countries, as well as delivering 8.2 million pounds of building materials per month to our customers. We’ve been delivering heavy goods from anywhere-to-the-home for more than a decade and today, we’re opening our supply chain up to everyone.

For the first time, anyone from our big box rivals to small boutique manufacturers will have access to any part of our supply chain network (or all of it) via the BuildDirect Gateway – the industry’s first open network for anywhere-to-anywhere delivery of heavyweight goods.


BuildDirect Gateway Landing Page

This platform, built from the ground up, integrates technology to create a simpler, smarter, faster and cheaper way to deliver heavyweight products. The potential payoff for everyone involved is huge and multisided. Retailers and manufacturers moving heavyweight goods now have more options at their disposal, quicker pickups and transparent pricing. Truckers behind the wheel will spend less time negotiating loads and payment. With routing and pairing algorithms, they will also be able to keep their vehicles full – minimizing “empty miles” and enabling more goods to be moved more efficiently.

We are committed to bringing people in the home improvement industry together and finding new ways to integrate systems in order to provide better experiences and value to consumers. The opening of our supply chain is simply one more step in our journey towards that commitment which, in turn, opens a world of possibilities for those involved with our industry.

To learn more about the BuildDirect Gateway please visit:

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