Never give in

10 years ago, Posted in Leadership, Point of View

NEVER GIVE IN!  Be willing to change tactics, but never give up on your core purpose. Be willing to kill failed business ideas, even shutter big operations you’ve been in for a long time, but never give up on the idea of building a great company. Be willing to evolve into an entirely different portfolio of activities, even to the point of zero overlap with what you do today, but never give up on the discipline to create your own future. Be willing to embrace loss, to endure pain, to temporarily lose freedoms, but never give up faith in the ability to prevail. Be willing to form alliances with former adversaries, to accept necessary compromise, but never — ever — give up on your core values.

“The path out of darkness begins with those exasperatingly persistent individuals who are constitutionally incapable of capitulation.”  – Jim Collins

I love that paragraph. It’s from Jim Collins new book “How the Mighty Fail.”

Maybe the reason I like it so much is that because as a company, we have faced incredible adversity as we strive to build a great company at BuildDirect. First the technology meltdown in 2000 and more recently the collapse of the building industry. (and maybe even a couple of mistakes of our own along the way)

Through it all, we have been “incapable of capitulation.” As a result, our team is ever more confident we are building an remarkable company that is transforming an industry. It sure gives meaning to getting up and knocking down the next wall.


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