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A personal look at how we can take the frustration out of your home renovation

I’d like to share a story with you about Stacie and Rob, homeowners from California. Like many couples, they decided to renovate their home. And like many couples, they quickly grew frustrated with the experience. In fact, their project languished for almost four years because they couldn’t find the right flooring.  

The couple went to all the big box stores and then the smaller shops. “For me it all looked pretty much the same,” explains Stacie. “And then it just got to a point where it was really frustrating.” Unable to find something unique, tasteful and well-made, they were about to give up their search.

Renovating or building a new home is an exciting, rewarding endeavor, but I’ve seen firsthand how stressful it can also be for countless people like Stacie and Rob. I was a builder before I started BuildDirect, and the nightmares my customers experienced trying to get home improvement supplies drove me to create our company. We knew there must be a better way to renovate and build.

If you’ve ever started a home improvement project, you already know the problems I’m talking about. The big box stores are huge, yet they often don’t have the products you want or need. You go hopping from one store to another looking for the right materials at the right price, yet you come home at the end of the day to a half-finished project with an empty trunk and gas tank. Products are often out of stock, and getting them delivered rarely happens on time.

It shouldn’t surprise you that in a survey conducted on our behalf, 50 percent of renovators say home building products are too expensive; 49 percent say products that are not in stock in stores take too long to receive; 44 percent switched products because the ones they wanted cost too much; and 46 percent said store employees did not give them the information they needed.

I’m happy to say we’ve created solutions to these frustrations. At BuildDirect, we connect customers directly to suppliers around the world so you can browse, compare and check reviews on a nearly limitless selection of home improvement products without even having to reach for your keys. By streamlining the process for everyone involved, we can provide our buyers savings of up to 50 percent below traditional retail. Plus, we have a highly trained customer support team to assist at every step of the home improvement journey.

Stacie and Rob’s project quickly took a turn for the better once they discovered what we could do for them at BuildDirect. We began a conversation through emails and Facebook messages, going back and forth until the couple narrowed their choices to a few samples, which we quickly shipped to them for free. Shortly after, they finally had the floor they struggled so long to find, which was promptly delivered straight to their door. The dark grey tiles with marbled coloring contrasts perfectly with their white kitchen.

The biggest stamp of approval came from the homeowners themselves, who were so excited about the results that they let us film a video about their experience. “I was just thrilled,” Stacie said. Rob was impressed, too: “It looks fantastic.”

A home is not just a building where you keep your things. It’s a special place you can make all your own. At BuildDirect, we love helping people create homes they cherish, and making the process simple and hassle-free. “Our home is our safe space,” Stacie said. “It’s our refuge from the world. It’s really just a lovely safe haven.” We’re proud to have helped Stacie and Rob make their house a home.

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