Help others: Business goals that create A better world

7 years ago, Posted in Point of View

The most transformational businesses are driven by curiosity, passion and the promise of creating a better world.  They are built around seeing a problem that needs fixing or a pain for people and then doing everything possible to fix that problem. In essence, the best businesses are built around helping the most people.

Our own path at BuildDirect started this way and continues this way today. Help more people = grow business faster.

A reason to be in business – to fix a problem

I think this is true for any business. Definitely for ours! The reason BuildDirect exists today is because we saw a huge problem that needed fixing.  I co-owned a development company and was building a house for clients. The family was supposed to move in and the flooring didn’t arrive on time, meaning that I had to put the family up in a hotel and their furniture in storage.

I felt like I had betrayed this client, and that my supplier had betrayed me. I was mad and I went looking for answers. It seemed like every answer given was another riddle, with everyone making promises that couldn’t be kept. At the time, I thought they were lying, but that was not the case either. The truth is just that they didn’t know where the product was or how to fix the problem.

Why, I found out as I kept digging, was that the flooring touched up to 5 people in the supply chain between manufacturing and the end customer.

It’s no wonder with this as a backdrop that when considering a renovation or build, you believe that they have to:

Step 1: Find a contractor that you can trust to navigate the chaos

Step 2: Expect to double the estimated cost and time frame.

I thought to myself, “If it is this hard for me, and I’m in this business every day, the end buyer does not stand a chance.”  With that thought….we had discovered the huge problem that was in need of fixing.

Passion for helping people as a key business goal

BuildDirect was born out of solving that problem; to simplify the building industry, to remove the chaos, and to provide much more value along the way.

That passion for simplifying and helping people is exactly what we needed to weather the bust, the building industry depression, and more than one of our own self-inflicted wounds.  We were going to change the world and nothing short of that was satisfactory.

We’re not there yet, not by a long shot. But everyday, we attract more incredible employees, partners and customers.  It is actually getting easier, the pace accelerating, but it is no time to rest…..we have plenty of work to do.

Think of the best businesses or leaders – and by that I mean the businesses or leaders that have made the biggest positive impact on society. You will invariably find that at their core the message was the same; help others!

All lasting success is a by-product of that!


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