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  • Why My Startup Scrapped Its Perfectly Successful Business Model

    [Photo: Flickr user Robbie Sproule] This spring, Tesla pulled ahead of General Motors to become the most valuable car maker in America. That’s despite GM breaking records in 2016 with 10 million cars sold and earning $12.5 billion in profit. Tesla, meanwhile, delivered 76,230 cars and lost $219.4 million. As […]

  • Are you effective or merely busy?

      “If I only had more time. . .” How many times have you heard that? This can be a heartfelt wish that we could to do more for our families, our friends and our businesses, but far too often it has become a kind of magical incantation that keeps […]

  • Celebrating problems

    In fact, it is the very ability to find problems and overcome them quickly that separates the very best from the rest. Look at it this way. A company is a never ending journey of improvement, and you can only improve where problems exist.

    Stop finding problems = stop improving = close your doors.

    The question is then , how do you create an environment where you can find problems quickly and then solve them?