BuildDirect and Robert Banks featured on Mashable

9 years ago, Posted in Point of View, Technology

While I was on vacation last week, Mashable carried a story in its business section which included BuildDirect’s co-founder, Robert Banks.

In the article, Mashable points to the continued debate for CEO’s and Founders of using social media and video to engage direct conversations with customers.  The debate centers on the question of return on the investment for the time spent in the medium.  The article then went on to list 12 companies that were having great success.

In most cases, these companies were leaders in their fields, creating thought leadership and transforming markets.  BuildDirect was one of the companies listed and Robert Banks was in some great company on the list that included:

… and many more.

One noteable addition that should have made Mashable’s list was himself – Founder and CEO, Pete Cashmore (@Mashable, Mashable YouTube channel) who is obviously on the right side of the debate on social media and the return on investment.


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