About Me

Jeff-Booth-About-MeHi. I am Jeff Booth and thank you for reading my blog.

For those who know me, they hear me often say I am the luckiest man alive.

First, I am married to the love of my life, Kelly, where we share three kids that keep us hopping.

Second, I am surrounded by countless friends who truly are an extension of my family.

Third, I am fortunate to be co-founder, President and CEO of BuildDirect. A company that is building a simpler, trusted and efficient home improvement industry committed to empowering both the consumer and manufacturer. You can learn more about how BuildDirect is turning this industry upside down in its newsroom.

I’ve titled my blog “iterate” for this represents the one action that brings me the success I have today. I try. I fail. I iterate. I try again. I fail. I iterate. I try again. I succeed. And yes, sometimes the repetition of my fails can be longer than presented, but it is here – my truest lows – where I dig deep. Rethink. Reposition. Re-try.

I am a constant and curious learner. With my blog, I hope to share with you my passion for learning, things I find curious and thought provoking, and hopefully inspiration so you too can try, fail – iterate – and succeed.