A powerful idea I learned from Zappos

10 years ago, Posted in Point of View

I was fortunate enough to get a tour of Zappos months ago. (Prior to the sale to Amazon) There has been a great deal of media discussion on the Zappos values and their focus on customer service that drove their business to grow very quickly to almost a billion dollars in revenue.  Most of which I agree with.  They do have a fantastic culture and amazing customer service.

This post is going to talk about something a little different. A small part of the tour that really struck a chord with me.  The part of the tour I am talking about is just inside the front entrance:  Their library.

I was blown away when the receptionist told me the story of how Tony Hsieh created a library of business books that he read so that others could “borrow” them to increase their own knowledge.  I was even more astounded when she said: “Pick a couple that you like and take them with you.”

What a simple but powerful idea!

I strongly believe in the power of learning. In fact, 20 years ago, one of my own personal development goals was to read at least 26 books per year…..a goal that I have achieved for over 20 years.  I believe that this drive to learn is a key part of my own success, and because of that, it is one of our values at BuildDirect. We state the value as: A Passion To Get Better Every Day, and we measure ourselves by asking the following question:  Are we better today, than we were yesterday?

In a company: Success is driven by the collective knowledge, execution and alignment of its employees.  Providing then, a good way for employees to learn and advance is a great way of developing employees success and therefore, success at the company. I like to look at it like this: By creating success for others I am able to stand on the shoulders of great people.

We just created our own BuildDirect library for our staff.  Started with some of the best business books I have read. My hope is that it is used extensively.

Thanks to Zappos for the great idea to help foster a culture of learning………and for the book “Peak – How Great Companies get their Mojo from Maslow” by Chip Conley.


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