A little better every day really adds up

9 years ago, Posted in Point of View

We recently launched our Quarter 3 plan to the BuildDirect team. It is the 9th quarter that we have been running the same process where we lay out the top 5 priorities for the quarter and the steps needed  to achieve them.

I found out a long time ago that if you keep improving a little every day, eventually those little changes add up to make big changes. It is why having a passion for getting better every day is one of our core values.

As part of the Q3 planning process, we ask that every person in the company “buy into” the plan. In other words, we ask EVERYONE if the plan is something that they can fully support. By encouraging active participation,  it is not my plan, nor the senior management teams plan. It is the BuildDirect plan.

One plan. One direction. Complete alignment.

You can imagine what happens when you have everyone on your team doing their best to get a little better every day and add that kind of alignment.

Amazing things happen.  Who knows?  Maybe you can even transform an industry!


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